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SMPS Northern Regional Conference 2020 (NERC)
Title: Clients for Life: Learn Actionable Business Development Skills to Gain and Retain Clients
Let’s face it – not everyone is a natural when it comes to building business connections. And even people who are born connectors, often lack the critical strategies and skills for building and managing business relationships. Join Hilary Fordwich as she draws on three decades of working with professional services firms and shares time-tested approaches, success stories, practical tools, and actionable advice to up your BD game. During this session, Hilary will empower you with proven tools and techniques which tangibly help you achieve laser-like client focus to expand maintain your client base.
Hilary Fordwich (Keynote Speaker)
May 8, 2020
Where: New York



“I must say that I really enjoyed listening to Hilary the most, and got the motivation to develop my network further in the Washington DC area….”

Ipek Tunca, Senior Business Strategy Analyst, Microsoft

“Hilary gave practical (and often humorous) advice to leaders in the area when she spoke on the topic of ‘resiliency’ at the KPMG Executive Leadership Institute for Women. Hilary is a dynamic presenter and infuses energy into the room when she speaks. It is clear that she has encountered many challenges in her career and life but has conquered these with her perseverance and tenacity. The participants could not say enough about her ability to provide frank and honest perspectives in an entertaining manner.”

Tracy K. Kenny, Partner, KPMG

“First let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed the course that Hilary Fordwich presented on Gaining and Retaining Clients. I am currently implementing the techniques with my client, coworkers, and friends. I feel that intentions when communicating are often misunderstood. The techniques taught in this class go a long way to ease and inform the manner and method of conversations that we use with clients, coworkers, and others. This is especially true when the conversations that we are having are tough ones.”

Mike Donoghue, Director, PWC