(Starts 15:30 – 20:53): Hilary Fordwich Brexit reality, Conservative party leadership & 5G London

Hilary Fordwich NewsMax post Trump D Day analysis

Hilary Fordwich NewsMax Trump State visit & global political perspectives

(Starts 2:11 – 6:53): Hilary Fordwich Boom Bust Brexit-May Resigns, Boris Johnson & Predictions

(Starts 24:11): Hilary Fordwich Bart tribute + Bank of England & Brexit, May potential Successors

(Starts 2:51 – 8:35): Hilary Fordwich OPIC, Chinese ‘Belt & Road’, Brexit 10-31 new date

(Start 22:12 – 27:07): Hilary Fordwich Grab Rideshare futures IPOs & Pinterest

Starts 11:14 -: Hilary Fordwich Brexit & delays, Juncker comment

(Starts 3:47 – 8:51): Hilary Fordwich Brexit Junker dig, status update & even in Africa…

(Starts 23:30 – 27:22): Hilary Fordwich Brexit Business ramifications & Irish border

(Starts 3:49 – 7:10): Hilary Fordwich Boom Bust Brexit Close To Deadline Dark Knight Reference

Hilary Fordwich Boom Bust NewsMax Brexit + acknowledged as most accurate analyst

Hilary Fordwich Boom Bust Theresa May’s Brexit Plan Rebuked

Hilary Fordwich Boom Bust Brexit May or Delay

Hilary Fordwich Boom Bust Brexit Delay

Hilary Fordwich Boom Bust UK Trade Plan After Brexit

Hilary Fordwich Boom Bust Tallying Brexit’s Potential Exit Costs

Hilary Fordwich Boom Bust EU on Chinese Sanctions

Hilary Fordwich Boom Bust Queen Elizabeth Takes On Brexit

(Start 13:20 – 17:04): Hilary Fordwich Boom Bust Business Mindset: Energy, Brexit & Trade Wars

(Starts 24:43-28:36) Global Live – Business of Golf

(Starts 4:30-11:30) Fordwich Boom Bust Facebook Starbucks Amazon

(Start 3:33-10:38) Boom Bust-Tariffs & International Business

Fox Business News Fordwich re: Facebook

Fox Business News Fordwich re:Zuckerberg/brand status

(Starts 4:50-10:30) Hilary Fordwich Live-Trends in Travel

Hilary Fordwich-Live International TV re: Global markets

(Starts 2:46 mins): Hilary Fordwich BD insights re: Super Bowl

(Starts 2:47 mins): Hilary Fordwich BD Insights Global Travel Industry

(Starts 2:40 mins) ROI for business-Olympic ads/branding & beyond

(Starts 24:43-28:36 mins): Hilary Fordwich Global Live – Business Golf

(Starts 18:18-28:51 mins): Hilary Fordwich Trump + Putin Summit

Hilary Fordwich CNN Royal Welcome Trump Meets The Queen At Windsor Castle

(Starts 15:58-20:37 mins): Hilary Fordwich Wealth Inequity: A Boom Bust Special

(Starts 20:00-23:17 mins): Hilary Fordwich Boom Bust Global Trade Tarrifs +

(Starts 20:06-26:10 mins): Hilary Fordwich Boom Bust Brexit & Global Business Issues

Hilary Fordwich Boom Bust Panel Greek Debt Crisis

Hilary Fordwich Boom Bust Bull Market Sustainability

(Starts 21:08-24:52): Hilary Fordwich Boom Bust Brexit- Geographic Indicators negotiations

(Starts 18:33-23:00): Hilary Fordwich Boom Bust Big 4 Breakdown current issues-Fordwich

(Starts 5:50 & 7:56-13:54): Global Retirement issues & demographics Fordwich

(Starts 18:35- 24:30): Hilary Fordwich Boom Bust Global Reach of 2008 Financial Crisis

(Starts 4:56-9:00): Hilary Fordwich Boom Bust Energy Challenges: The Coal Conundrum

(Starts 17:30-21:28): Hilary Fordwich Boom Bust UK Economy & Brexit update

Hilary Fordwich Business of Golf & Tiger Effect, Ryder Cup

(Starts 8:50-12:35): Hilary Fordwich Boom Bust Global Shipping Routes & Predictions

Hilary Fordwich Boom Bust No Confidence Brexit update

Hilary Fordwich Boom Bust It’s not Brexit, it’s really Uxit

Hilary Fordwich Boom Bust EU Willing Extend Brexit Deadline

Hilary Fordwich Boom Bust Analyzing American Unilaterism

(Start 4:38- 9:06): Hilary Fordwich Boom Bust Media Wars: The Content Challenge

Hilary Fordwich Boom Bust Brexit Goes To Parliament – Theresa May Has A Tough Road To Hoe

(Start 26:15 – 29:36): Hilary Fordwich Boom Bust Facebook leadership challenges & scaling


“I must say that I really enjoyed listening to Hilary the most, and got the motivation to develop my network further in the Washington DC area….”

Ipek Tunca, Senior Business Strategy Analyst, Microsoft

“Hilary gave practical (and often humorous) advice to leaders in the area when she spoke on the topic of ‘resiliency’ at the KPMG Executive Leadership Institute for Women. Hilary is a dynamic presenter and infuses energy into the room when she speaks. It is clear that she has encountered many challenges in her career and life but has conquered these with her perseverance and tenacity. The participants could not say enough about her ability to provide frank and honest perspectives in an entertaining manner.”

Tracy K. Kenny, Partner, KPMG

“First let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed the course that Hilary Fordwich presented on Gaining and Retaining Clients. I am currently implementing the techniques with my client, coworkers, and friends. I feel that intentions when communicating are often misunderstood. The techniques taught in this class go a long way to ease and inform the manner and method of conversations that we use with clients, coworkers, and others. This is especially true when the conversations that we are having are tough ones.”

Mike Donoghue, Director, PWC