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  • “Simply stated, Hilary stole the show. Her deep grasp of the public relations and marketing communications industry make her an asset to any presentation. Her style and dynamic wit captivated our audience. Her enthusiasm, passion, and expertise compelled the four other panelists to rise to the occasion. I look forward to the next seminar in which Potomac Tech Wire can utilize Hilary’s expertise.”

    Paul Sherman, Editor, Potomac Tech Wire


    “Hilary understood the audience and clearly and cleanly delivered a presentation packed with tips and experiences as a helpful guide to others…. this session with Hilary alone was worth the conference charge! Hilary – was exceptional and gave great insight. Please bring her back again.”

    ITSMA Conference Attendee, ITSMA

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    “Strelmark really understands what it takes to build our business. Their blend of strategy formulation skills and relationship marketing expertise has allowed us to capitalize on opportunities to allocate AMS marketing resources in support of targeted, cost effective campaigns that yield enhanced return on marketing investment. Their business focus, marketing creativity, and strategic approaches have certainly helped my teams change they way they think.”

    Charlene Wheeless, Senior Vice President Global Corporate Communications, American Management Systems (AMS)

  • “Hilary Fordwich has been a partner of Touchstone’s in developing and launching one of our most exciting and challenging areas, our sustainability and green initiatives. From the beginning of our relationship she has brought us insight into our business, the strengths and shortfalls of our market positioning and the guidance to take advantage of the things we have while addressing ourselves in those areas where we were found lacking. Her innumerable contacts have been essential in providing us the market intelligence and feedback necessary for success. Her drive and intuition in not allowing a gap within our organization in addressing issues and responding to inquiries has ensured that we have not let loose of our vision. Without her guidance and determination we would have never been in the position we are in today. I do not believe I have ever encountered a stronger, more decisive, focused professional in all my years in business or consulting.”

    T.A Summerlin, VP & Director of Consulting, Touchstone

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  • “Hilary’s Business Golf presentation was fabulous. I never thought of advancing my sales career through golf. After hearing Hilary’s presentation I invited her to participate in a golf outing I hosted every year. She is a fabulous golfer and exhibited examples of her presentation throughout her round. I have applied Hilary’s techniques that I learned in her seminar and feel they were significant in my closing business deals. I highly recommend her to any organization and association. Her delivery and content are energetic and exciting. I know she has helped increase our sales.”

    Kevin Taylor, Business Development, EFX Media