Grow your business:Hilary Fordwich delivers results oriented keynotes and boot camps on “How to Gain & Retain Clients”

Grow Your Business Via Business Development Sessions

Business Development Sessions Overview

This AFCEA Executive Leadership interview features Hilary describing the principles of How to Gain and Retain Clients, critical to business growth.

Business Development For Government Contractors

Former TV Host of Government Contract Weekly, Hilary draws on Business Development Best Practices to help your firm win more clients.

Business Development Via Business Golf

This PGA interview introduced by Donald Trump & Fred Funk features Hilary’s How to Gain & Retain Clients via Business Golf.

Business Development Keynotes & Boot Camps

Hilary’s keynotes, perfect for corporate or association events, are both inspirational and motivational as well as extremely tactical and practical.

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Business Development for Government Contractors

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Business Development Via Business Golf

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Corporate Case Studies


Northrop Grumman IT (NGIT) sought Hilary’s services for growth strategies, tactics, motivation and specific business development initiatives across the enterprise.


Delivered keynote at executive retreat for over 200 leaders to lay out approach. The keynote was followed by boot camps, working sessions and specific bid consulting across each sector to implement business development growth strategies and tactics.


Tangible growth in each sector, major client wins, improved BD skills across technical disciplines, energized and empowered professionals.

“Hilary hit it out of the park at our senior executive retreat. She managed to keep over 200 executives captivated with top notch advice for almost two hours. I’ve never seen so many engineers have so much fun while learning so much. She is edutainment with an emphasis on the educational content but because all my execs also had fun they are still talking about the session many weeks after our off site. Her attitude and passion is contagious.”

Jim O’ Neill, President, Northrop Grumman IT (NGIT)

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Different divisions across the enterprise wanted to better integrate their business development to result in an improved internal matrix of capabilities while at the same time improving the skill levels of their project managers.


A three-month training program with sections on business development principles inculcated with the ManTech approach and internal business development lifecycle. The sessions were built upon existing ManTech methodologies and brought together different divisions.


Employees won significant bids with improved BD strategies and tactics, and they were motivated and educated with the tools necessary to win larger projects.

Among the most effective portions of this 3-day training course were:
The Five C’s – Communication, Concern, Connection, Candor, Competence: Applying these five relationship truths to your business relationships

Determining and Leveraging your Predominant Personality Profile (Practice Builder, Relationship Manager, Technical Resource)

“Hilary is one of the best in the industry when it comes to providing team training that is focused on building and leveraging customer relationships. Her session with us was not only insightful and practical, but motivating. She provided us strategies and tools we can use to further leverage our incumbent advantage and apply a laser-like focus on our customers. My management team is now ready to take our customer relationships to new levels! Everything she said was on the mark… her presentation was not the typical “canned pitch”, but a specially developed interactive session tailored for our management team and our customers. Hilary comes with my highest recommendation.”

Tom Mitchell, President and COO, ManTech Security & Mission Assurance Corporation, ManTech

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