“We recently completed three training sessions with Hilary and will be arranging for additional sessions to build upon some of the relationship building themes that she presented to us. It was amazing how much impact Hilary could have just in two hours with three sets of my teams. Even the most senior of brokers were impressed, one saying that it was the best training he had received in 25 years. If he had this training back then he could have made way more money. A top producer found Hilary’s session more beneficial than any other sales trainings specifically that ‘2 hours with Hilary was better than an 8 hour session I was sent to’ and since we are in the relationship business, her approach was more appropriate. I highly recommend Hilary for both keynote presentations and for her boot camp trainings. If you have any questions about our experience with Hilary, please do not hesitate to give me a call. She was outstanding!”

James M. Underhill, Regional Manager – Mid-Atlantic, Cushman & Wakefield