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“Hilary is one of the best in the industry when it comes to providing team training that is focused on building and leveraging customer relationships. Her session with us was not only insightful and practical, but motivating. She provided us strategies and tools we can use to further leverage our incumbent advantage and apply a laser-like focus on our customers. My management team is now ready to take our customer relationships to new levels! Everything she said was on the mark… her presentation was not the typical “canned pitch”, but a specially developed interactive session tailored for our management team and our customers. Hilary comes with my highest recommendation.”

Tom Mitchell, President and COO, ManTech Security & Mission Assurance Corporation, ManTech

“Know that the tools and techniques you imparted during our session in May have been empowering for me both personally and as a professional. Last week, a number of my colleagues and I were fortunate to attend “Gaining and Retaining Clients” with Hilary Fordwich of Strelmark at the 2 North Training Center at Falls Church. Ostensibly, this was training geared at improving our BD capabilities as Managers. However the skills we gained in interpersonal communication and relationship management were applicable to everything we do as leaders at ManTech.”

David I. Garvie, Technical Manager, Cyber Sector, ManTech | MCTSG

“Your program looks at business from a completely different perspective and it is refreshing. I remember the first time when we spoke during the interview that you mentioned that BD is a science and not an art. At that moment in time, I thought to myself, ‘What is she talking about…’Applying the concepts discussed during the 3-day session and now applying them to my every day life, I stand corrected. It’s the little things that go a long way with building business relationships and I wanted to thank you for the guidance.”

Ryan Kauzlick, Project Manager Office of Intelligence and Analysis, Department of Homeland Security, ManTech Missions, Cyber & Technology Solutions, ManTech

“The impact of this class was so profound; I encourage you to provide this session to every ManTech employee. Doing so would result in a more cohesive company with a corporate culture that is focused on growth and excellent customer satisfaction. I will never forget the “5Cs” and the power they hold, which have, and will continue, to help me grow my opportunity and my career. Yours was the best class I have ever had the privilege to attend. I hope other ManTech employees will be able to benefit from your vast experience and knowledge, in the future.”

Kyle Hendrickson, PMP, CISSP, Project Manager, ManTech

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