“We had the opportunity to bid for a $47 million contract at Aberdeen. We had already started but weren’t convinced we were on the right track. I retained Hilary to work with our team because of her expertise in training winning teams to bid with large defense firms as our sub-contractor. Within a first day-long session she had us and our subcontractor, TASC, aligned far more effectively and efficiently. The efficacy of her expertise and organization was instantly noticeable and Hilary quickly got us to focus on what the government really wanted from us versus what we thought they needed.

While our firm had all the advanced technical knowledge of our capabilities and we were well qualified in terms of our content delivery, Hilary managed to position us with intricate strategic and tactical skill in preparation for our win. She has an ability, without alienating any member of a team, to cut quickly to the core of our differentiators, and bring out the best in our or any other team to make a win possible.

I will never know if we might have won without that session from Hilary, but I am glad to report that I think she got us totally on the right track. We will be working with her further.”

Charlie Grabenstein, President, Orbis Inc.

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