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“We hired Hilary because we had just received two weeks notice to compete for a very significant opportunity, and we were busy with other projects. Our team had the experience, but was not organized, nervous and inexperienced when it came to presenting. Her boot camp was so powerful that we were ramped up quickly and then…
…Hilary worked closely with us individually, and as a group, to focus on our strengths and presenting styles to deliver the right message – nothing was fabricated. Hilary focused on the skills that each member brought to the team and what they were most comfortable talking about. She orchestrated the team into a solid, focused, well organized and highly professional group that made a great presentation. It was a little like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, I was nothing short of impressed with her talent. We won the deal and have now engaged Hilary on a long term basis to help us grow FOX Architects, taking us to the next level.”

Bob Fox,

FOX Architects