(Regarding Brexit) “You pretty much called this; your analysis was the most accurate I have had on this show…you’ve been spot on, love your insights, we’ll have you back again.”

John Cardillo,

Host America Talk Live, NewsMaxTV

(Regarding Brexit) “I want to go on record as saying you have been so very right, so prescient about what you said and predicted was going to happen, thank you! We will be having you back again to cover this for us. Appreciate you keeping us up to date.”

Commissioner Bart Chilton,

Host of Boom Bust

“Hilary your segment with Charles Osgood turned out so well. You are a natural. Thank you for your insights and for sharing your knowledge with our Sunday morning audience. That accent of yours was a hit.”

John D’Amelio,

Producer, CBS

“The camera loves Hilary, so does our audience as she brings such enthusiasm. Hilary has extensive business background and golf talent that adds an important and unique perspective to the show. We gave her a platform to sound off on topical golf issues of interest to business and casual golfers alike; her segment has just taken off.”

Dave Lucas,

NewsChannel8 News Anchor and host of Capital Golf Weekly

“Hilary was extraordinary…a real professional and Bill (host) was very pleased, thanks for setting her up.”

Kathy Collins,

Morning Show Producer, KFNN Phoenix

“Hilary is just spectacular; she is so full of information and great to listen to. She’s smart, savvy, articulate and fun for our listeners. We are excited to have a golfer as experienced and knowledgeable as Hilary join us to provide listeners with local golf news as well as interesting tips on the game during the golf season, from where to play to how to get started to improving one’s game.”

Jerry Phillips,

Host and Producer, The Washington Post’s MetroTalk six weekly public-affairs radio shows

“Hilary you were really great. Thank you so much….do you have any other specialties that we can have you on our show for?”

Alan Tu,

Senior Producer, Radio Times, WHYY-FM, Philadelphia’s NPR station