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Real Estate

“Years ago I had Hilary come in to work with our CBRE team. Some of her content was so important for us in the real estate industry that I had the principles posted in our office kitchen so it would remind us of how to focus on what our clients and prospects really want. I highly recommend Hilary.”

Bradley C. Flickinger,

Senior Managing Director, CBRE

“Our team was skeptical about what an outsider could bring to Akridge as we have a unique approach, but Hilary got us all thinking. We have incorporated her customer focused principles into our the management of our real estate assets and for the development of our many projects in the pipeline. Using her principles helped us to be recognized as the “Best in Industry” for customer service.”

Matthew J. Klein,

President, Akridge

“I worked closely with Hilary in planning out how her program should be tailored for our team here at Akridge. She was just great to work with. She energized everyone and left us all knowing what and how we should deliver exceptional customer service.”

Stephanie F. Brown,

Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Akridge

Cushman Wakefield

“We recently completed three training sessions with Hilary and will be arranging for additional sessions to build upon some of the relationship building themes that she presented to us. It was amazing how much impact Hilary could have just in two hours with three sets of my teams. Even the most senior of brokers were impressed, one saying that it was the best training he had received in 25 years. If he had this training back then he could have made way more money. A top producer found Hilary’s session more beneficial than any other sales trainings specifically that ‘2 hours with Hilary was better than an 8 hour session I was sent to’ and since we are in the relationship business, her approach was more appropriate. I highly recommend Hilary for both keynote presentations and for her boot camp trainings. If you have any questions about our experience with Hilary, please do not hesitate to give me a call. She was outstanding!”

James M. Underhill,

Regional Manager – Mid-Atlantic, Cushman & Wakefield

“Hilary’s presentation on Business Golf to our CREW members was fun, informative, and inspiring. Afterward, I received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from those who attended. Her program accomplished exactly what I was hoping for. She gave women who were too intimidated to try golf the tools to get out on the course. Her presentation kicked off our three-part series on business golf and helped us to sell out our CREW DC golf clinic.”

Elaine Gray,

President of Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW), DC Chapter and VP Corporate Communications, Cassidy & Pinkard

“We tailored our annual retreat around Hilary’s presentation. She was informative, insightful and engaging. Hilary made an ever-lasting impact on all of our employees and the manner in which we approach relationships and communication with everyone with whom we interact on a daily basis. Hilary will undoubtedly make a similar impact in any organization, regardless of size, industry or focus.”

Mukang “Mook” Cho,

Founder, CEO and Managing Principal, Morning Calm Management