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“I must say that I really enjoyed listening to Hilary the most, and got the motivation to develop my network further in the Washington DC area….”

Ipek Tunca,

Senior Business Strategy Analyst, Microsoft

“Hilary gave practical (and often humorous) advice to leaders in the area when she spoke on the topic of ‘resiliency’ at the KPMG Executive Leadership Institute for Women. Hilary is a dynamic presenter and infuses energy into the room when she speaks. It is clear that she has encountered many challenges in her career and life but has conquered these with her perseverance and tenacity. The participants could not say enough about her ability to provide frank and honest perspectives in an entertaining manner.”

Tracy K. Kenny,

Partner, KPMG

“We are very impressed with the expertise that Strelmark offers. We have retained Strelmark for strategic relationship marketing services to facilitate business development in order to grow our firm. We are looking forward to a long-term relationship between our organizations.”

John Brophy,

Vice President, ARPC

Northrop Grumman

“My team is still talking about how they enjoyed your boot camp and your great content. As you observed, the team is very social, and they related so well with your examples and stories. Syl told me she is already thinking about ways to reach out to our customer base in 2008. Also, you will be interested to know that 2 of my employees attended the 2-day Northrop Grumman class on ‘Customer Intimacy’ after taking your boot camp. Both told me that they got so much more out of your session. You are a delight to work with and I look forward to some great things in 2008.”

Pam Macaleer,

Director, GSA Schedules, Northrop Grumman

“I just wanted to thank you for an incredible presentation today at the Board of Trade event. You were very impressive! It was my first time to a networking event in DC and I was very inspired by your captivating and informative presentation. I learned a lot in a short time and thank you again for sharing your amazing wealth of knowledge in really understanding how to build a strong network.”

Kim Suerth,

VP, Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc., Greater Washington Board of Trade

“Wanted to say once again how much I appreciated your content and presentation. I’ve been to countless events on ‘Effective Networking/Relationship Building’ and yours was one of the very best I’ve seen.”

Tom Wolf,

CEO, Visular, Greater Washington Board of Trade

“I am still talking to people about the wonderful program and what a dynamic speaker you are. Later in the year, my firm might be interested in having you do a workshop for our lawyers. We are actually going to talk about the 5 C’s at our upcoming Board meeting… You would knock any audience off their feet…”

John J. Matteo,

Attorney, Jackson & Campbell, P.C., Greater Washington Board of Trade

“Your insights and ‘effervescence’ were much appreciated. I now also have enough reading to keep me busy well into 2010.”

Tyler Kalogeros,

Major Gifts & Corporate Relations, Greater Washington Board of Trade

“Your 5 C’s of Relational Truths were terrific. I was very impressed with you and your ability to present.”

David Cohen,

Retirement Planning Specialist, Greater Washington Board of Trade

“I loved hearing you speak and you definitely brought knowledge, enthusiasm and energy to the seminar! I would definitely recommend any organization to you!!”

Mary Ann Jones,

Human Resource Consultant, Greater Washington Board of Trade