“Ms. Fordwich was a guest speaker in our Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership class, composed of MBA and undergraduate students at George Washington University. She gave a speech to a class of approximately 50 students, we were taken aback by her level of professionalism, wisdom, and her expert knowledge regarding business development. Her tips and advice were extremely insightful and have proved fruitful to all the young and future entrepreneurs in the class. Many students and myself included, praised her speech and immediately purchased the books she recommended to us. She has left a lasting impression on many of us and despite her speech which was five weeks ago, we continue to talk about her and cite her work frequently. Ms. Fordwich has defined and shaped the way in which I approach my future, my own startup business, and I am certain that her principles will continue to influence and guide my future decisions and actions.”

Ines M. Zichy, Senior, George Washington University

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