“Every one of my fellow PGA members attending this show, all 15,000 of them, should listen to what Hilary has to say about how to grow the golf industry.” Her approach is right on the mark. The details can branch out, but her assumptions are (painful to some of us) right on the money. We will need to be more in tune with the changing demographics, and the changing patterns of American society if the game is to continue growing. Hilary delivers tangible and tactical approaches that will appeal to non-golfing Americans (82% of our population) so that they flock to golf. She includes opportunities such as addressing how to overcome time constraints that Americans face, tapping into the needs for fitness as obesity grows at an alarming rate, and how to attract a growing diverse population as well as women who could enter golf for business/career gain.”

Robert G. Harris, Director of Golf, Sport & Recreation, The Greenbrier

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