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  • “Thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful, energetic and inspiring program yesterday. I have continued to get positive feedback since yesterday. We had our committee meeting this morning, and everyone there, too, said that everyone they talked to had loved it. I was so sorry I had to dash out before the end, but I had a 2:00 meeting back here in my Reston office.”

    Kathryn Ciliberti, DBIA – CREW

  • “I just attended the CREW luncheon and wanted to drop a note to say thank you for your remarkable presentation today. I have played golf once with my family and consider myself a novice, but my co-worker (who also attended the luncheon) and I were just talking about signing up for lessons together this Summer. And, I must say, as a recent graduate of UVA, it was doubly exciting to hear from a fellow UVA graduate. I have been working in the construction industry for almost a year now and although there are so many dynamic people in this industry, I am always especially inspired when I meet women who have succeeded at balancing their life and their career, snagging a corner office along the way.”

    Meg Fennell, Turner Construction Company – CREW

  • “A must attend for anyone in the legal profession who has played or would like to play golf in a business setting. No lawyer should get on the golf course without first attending Hilary’s business golf sessions. If you’re curious about the power of golf in building relationships, you’ll walk away eager to learn the game. If you’re already a golfer, what has to say will make you think twice about how best to conduct business on course”

    Tracy-Gene G. Durkin Esq., President, Woman’s Bar Association of the District of Columbia – CREW

  • “I really enjoyed your program. I think you did a wonderful job of explaining the multiple benefits, both professional and personal, of playing golf. I have taken lessons before, but I’ve never dedicated the time to learning to play well. I’ve been invited to play with clients as well as co-workers who have various club memberships, but I’ve never taken advantage of the invitations. I was too nervous about making a fool of myself. So much of what you said resonated with me. I will be out taking lessons again and making it all stick this time!”

    Kim Quirante, Cassidy Pinkard – CREW

  • “I was in the audience at your presentation today, and thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, my husband (a golfer), has been badgering me for 4 years to learn the game, and in one hour you convinced me where he has not! I would like to take you up on your offer to recommend golf schools. We would like to attend one in NC. I have never lifted a golf club and would like to attend a women’s only program (probably a 3-day week-end). My husband has been playing for four years and shoots 85-9- most days. Will you recommend a place that could accommodate both of us over a long week-end?”

    Jeanna A. LaBelle, VP & Counsel, LandAmerica Commercial Services – CREW

  • “Thank you for presenting at our CREW program last night. You are a delightful, engaging speaker with a wealth of knowledge and energy. The information that you imparted was very valuable to our members. Thank you for sharing the Five C’s and your own experiences and accomplishments. The attendees last night were overflowing with positive comments and your program generated a tremendous amount of discussion which will most certainly lead to future networking, hopefully on the golf course.”

    Debbie Allen, President, CREW

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