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Tag: Financial

Cardinal Bank
Business Golf

William Mundy

“Hilary’s Business Golf presentation was not only insightful and informed, it was enjoyable. She readily offers her golf and business leadership experience with enough brevity to keep everyone’s attention. Hilary recognized that her audience would be diverse, and thus challenging to a speaker, but managed to hold the group’s attention and inspire an array of conference attendees. I hope to have her share her expertise further.” William Mundy, Senior Vice President, Cardinal Bank

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Smith Barney
Business Golf

Mark E. Amberg

“Hilary’s session was so compelling that all my senior Private Banking execs were taking notes, that’s about the best sign that this session was the most content rich we have received. When we retained Hilary she interviewed a number of our senior leaders and then managed to address each of the key themes we had requested be covered. What was amazing was that she managed to pull off a session without alienating anyone, she helped us all bond as a team and afterwards everyone (even our weakest link) was raving about how much they enjoyed her session.” Mark E. Amberg,

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Weavering Capital

Bill Simpson

“Strelmark is an integral and increasingly essential component of Weavering Capital’s plans to establish itself in the US. Its strategic approach to positioning our high-end offering is proving to be cost effective, focused, and productive. Indeed, it reinforces our belief that the Strelmark strategy—dynamic, targeted, and professional—is superior to any other marketing methods.” Bill Simpson, President North American Operations, Weavering Capital

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