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  • “In my role as Division Director, Defense Business Unit at TASC, I was representing TASC as the Subcontractor for the Orbis bid for a $47 million Aberdeen contract. We had already spent some time gathering our position on our end and what we thought could be an approach for winning the contract.

    Orbis had also done some work on their end when we were brought all together for a one day initial session with Hilary Fordwich, as an external BD executive who was pitched as ‘preparing us to win’. To this point we were two different firms with a bit of experience working together but not really positioned as a singular and cohesive team. Prior to Hilary’s coaching we were really all over the place, with only a loose organization bringing our differentiated points of talent together, after Hilary’s training we felt ourselves to be a well-oiled machine prepared to win our targeted contract.

    It was amazing that in one day, very diplomatically, Hilary managed not only make us feel like a team, but she deftly got us all on the same page, cut through all the clutter of what we were offering from each of our firms and came up with some really compelling win themes.

    The result? We won! Not only do I give Hilary great credit for this, as I know Orbis does too, but she made the day fun, memorable and I would heartily recommend her for any and all firms wishing to win a bid.”

    Bill Bennett, Defense Service Sector AECOM Management Services Group, Former Division Director, Defense Business Unit, Defense Business Unit TASC Inc.

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