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Business Golf Expert & Golf Commentator

As an avid golfer, Hilary has gained national and regional recognition as an expert on Business Golf.

She is currently Contributor on The 19th Hole Golf Radio Show at CBS Radio WJFK 106.7 The Fan, an official Golf Course Rater for GolfWeek magazine. She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, NPR, and Fortune as well as a regular contributing commentator for ABC NewsChannel8’s Capital Golf Weekly’s, “Hilary’s On Course” and a host of Washington Post Radio, MetroTalk’s “Golfing with Hilary”. She has written a column, “Power Strokes”, in Washington Smart CEO magazine, was featured on AOL Sports and was a PGA sponsored Lecturer and Course Developer at the University of Maryland Graduate Business School.


TV Host – Capital Golf Weekly on News Channel 8

Hilary discusses appropriate hosting including attire, scheduling, and tips for the invited members.

Hilary covers this Washington Tournament, Tiger Woods & business buzz.

Hilary interviews golf legend Jack Nicklaus during during President’s Cup media day at Robert Trent Jones Golf Course.

Hilary interviews Gary Player for Capital Golf Weekly. Mr. Player gives advice to young golfers.

Hilary and Dave Lucas discuss “Ground Zero” for business and golf in Washington.


Hilary and Dave Lucas share tips for how to visualize your golf shot and develop better mental discipline for golf.

Hilary discusses the career and possible retirement of this LPGA leader.

Hilary/TV Clips

PGA Tour Sunday featured Hilary’s involvement with the University of Maryland Graduate School “Golf for Business and Life program”, a PGA sponsored 3-credit course offered to graduate business students, introduced by Donald Trump. Hilary has also been a Royal Watcher on many networks, some featured here, CBS Sunday Morning & ABC.

Many years ago I heard Hilary’s ‘Business Golf’ presentation. It was not only exceptionally good with excellent insights and tangible suggestions for how to leverage golf to further business but it was memorable and so powerful that it was the catalyst for me, as a non-golfer at that time, to enter the golf industry. If it wasn’t for hearing Hilary I wouldn’t be where I am today. Additionally she inspired me to get my young daughter into golf, she is now playing on her college team as a result.

Susan Smith Feaster,

Chief Executive Officer, Ryder Cup France, US Partners


I have worked in the golf business for 13 years as a PGA Golf Professional, most recently overseeing all levels of the business and all facets of golf as First Assistant Golf Professional with Congressional Country Club and current Head Golf Professional with Rehoboth Beach Country Club. Hilary’s Business Golf session was exceptionally interesting and informative. It was not long into her presentation that it became obvious, she is not only a very accomplished amateur golfer, but is also very successful in the business world. She used her expertise and experience to relate her information to her audience. She captivated every member of the audience. I have to admit part way through her presentation, I found myself taking notes on her talk. Working for so many years in the golf business, I thought I had heard everything about golf, but her presentation was new, refreshing and very informative. She opened up new horizons. She was also recently a panelist at a PGA Sponsored event and was far and away the best they offered.

Charlie Schuyler,

PGA, Head Golf Professional, Rehobeth Beach Country Club

Cardinal Bank

Hilary’s Business Golf presentation was not only insightful and informed, it was enjoyable. She readily offers her golf and business leadership experience with enough brevity to keep everyone’s attention. Hilary recognized that her audience would be diverse, and thus challenging to a speaker, but managed to hold the group’s attention and inspire an array of conference attendees. I hope to have her share her expertise further.

William Mundy,

Senior Vice President, Cardinal Bank

Our business is dedicated to individual sales service. We chose Hilary because we realized the importance of mixing business and golf and doing it correctly. Hilary provided the tool of a golf setting having revenue for clients while still having fun. Hilary’s seminar was beneficial because it resonated golf at all levels, the novice golfer, intermediate and the seasoned golfer. She hit on all levels — everyone felt they got something out of her presentation, especially as it pertains to business and golf. I recommend Hilary to any association. Her presentation was dynamic and left everyone energized. She hit on all levels.

Bryan Lambert,

President, United Sales Professionals of America